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​Let's explore the Little Moss World

Welcome to

Who we are?
We, Japan Moss Art are following activities.

- Creating Moss Art
- Holding Moss Art classes
- Helping people who want to be an Moss Art Instructor
- Selling Moss, Mossture (Preserved Moss which we invented), and Moss Art kits via our Online store
- Holding Nature classes for kids
- Attending Art festivals, Exhibitions mainly in Tokyo
- Holding Educational tour in Japan/Foreign countries
- Supporting and working together with artists in Japan/ foreign countries
- Helping companies which need help for the Green project, Space inovation project.

We can help you for sending our Mossture (Preserved Moss) to your contry.
All moss are proudly from Japan.

What is Mossture?
Mossture keep the moisture long time.
We preserved the real moss with special method, and put the moisure in them.

※patent pending

・The Mossture can keep the moisuture, texture, and color long time.

・They are not going to get changing colors or changing texture due to the seisonchenge or tempureture. Ususually, it's difficult to treat Row moss (コウヤノマンネングサClimacium japonicum Lindb.、リュウビゴケ、シノブゴケ etc) with fresh color and texture.

・You don't need to give Water! We usually have to change the way to give water to each moss and we have to be careful with the tempreture with the raw moss, but zero meintenanse!

・You don't need to worry about the Changing shape, Getting incects and mold.

・You can attach to your art piece with a bond. It's perfect for the Terrarium art, Moss wall, and Moss Bonsai etc!

Bryonoguchia molkenboeri

Bryonoguchia molkenboeri 2000JPY

Plagiothecium euryphyllum

Plagiothecium euryphyllum

Leucobryum bowringii Mitt.

Leucobryum bowringii Mitt. JPY

Hylocomiastrum pyrenaicum

Hylocomiastrum pyrenaicum JPY

Climacium japonicum Lindb.

Climacium japonicum Lindb.

Leucobryum bowringii Mitt.

Leucobryum bowringii Mitt.

Rateは時価で? We will send the invoice with JPY.

Caution in terms of how to treat the Mossture

・Please DO NOT give any water not to get any color-changing and deterioration.

・Inside use only to avoid the water/humid.

・You may see the color-changing and deterioration at the high humid room/space.

・If you use the Mossture for art, please don't use with other raw moss. HUmid from the raw moss and water for the raw moss may cause the color-changing and deterioration.

・Please do not to use with moisture soil. You can use stones or art sand etc.

・If you get corol on your clothe or your hand from the Mossture, you will get them off with water easily.

・It's depends on how you keep them, but sometimes you will see the color change due to the dust, so please clean the dust up with soft paint brush etc.

Caution in terms of how to treat the Import to your country

・We can export the Mossture from Japan, but please make sure that you can import them on your contry side. We are Not responsible for any trouble about importing the products.

​・If problems happen about the import, We don't refund in any reason.

​・It's CASH ON DELIVERY. We will not pay for the shipping fee.

Cancellation and Retuning policy

・No cancellation

・No returning

How to order

1. Let us know which/how much Mossture you want from the inquiery form or email us.

2. We will send you an estimate. This is CASH ON DELIVERY. We will not put the shipping fee on the estimate.

3. Once we receive the Payment through Paypal, we will process the shipping . We will use DHL, Fedex etc, but It depends which country you are in. We will let you know the shipping method. 

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スクリーンショット 2021-06-14 午後4.51.27.png

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